The 4 Things An Online Payment Page Must Have!

Posted on: 20 December 2022


The modern digital space is changing the way people do things. Today, online shopping is a global phenomenon that has resulted in some of the most valuable companies across the globe. Naturally, the effect has transcended to the payments space. Vendors must reciprocate the convenience offered when shopping online by ensuring that you can also make your payments online. You should do this without feeling that you are giving away too much information that can make you lose your money. On that note, read the following piece to understand the four qualities that a good online payments page must have.

Several Payments Options

The best place to start with an online payments page is to offer various payments mechanisms to the customers. Restricting your traffic to a particular payment mechanism means that you risk sending them to a competitor who will offer more convenience. For example, your online payments page should have the option to pay using cards, e-wallets and mobile money. Go further by having a checklist of the most reliable service providers for each payment method to enhance your user's confidence. Add these subcategories and brands to your online payment alternatives to take advantage of a wider customer base. 

Focus on a Seamless Experience

A good online payment solution delivers a seamless payment experience. Ideally, the focus is to help your customers pay for items as fast as possible, by keeping the information you need to what is only necessary. For example, do not ask clients to create an account before they can pay for an item online. The solution you offer should already be enough to protect all the information they give up when checking out. If the brick-and-mortar store near you doesn't need such information, neither should your online platform!

Avoid Redirecting People

Some online customers do not sit well with being redirected to a secondary website to complete a process. Therefore, create a platform that will allow people to go through their transactional journey without having to visit another site. The objective is to offer a one-stop-shop with a finalised checkout page and not a secondary platform giving the impression that your solution is only a gateway. 

Help People Fix Errors

Take time to guide your customers as they use the payments platform. Mark all compulsory sections with asterisks and highlight errors with visible shades to help them fix them easily. In fact, you can suggest solutions such as "add @ to your email address" and so forth. It will clarify what the customer needs to fix before they can proceed with payment.

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