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finance and economics center en Control offers resources, tools and academic training to lead senior executives to build a solid heritage; achieve your personal financial goals; break the debt paradigms and achieve true financial freedom.

The economic market is very dynamic and is constantly being updated. Despite this, some places stand out and are references for investors, executives and professionals in the area.

These places are called financial centers and move the domestic and foreign economy, as they are important for the development of the city and the country.
I couldn’t believe that occupying a high position in a transnational company and with all our academic training; he had reached an unmanageable level of debt.
In the process of financial ‘recovery’ I discovered that universities don’t really teach you how to manage money. I was faced with very profound truths that changed my financial life.
Now, we live debt-free, sleep soundly, and have jobs and businesses that provide a comfortable and peaceful standard of living. Without excesses, because neither of us like excesses. But yes with plenty to enjoy, “said the industrial engineer and international logistics specialist.
After studying, cutting, analyzing, selling, and ending mental paradigms and myths about money management, in less than five years, they managed to end up with more than US $ 300,000 in debt.