Optimising Your Online Payment Pages for Smartphone Transactions

Posted on: 3 August 2023


In today's digital world where many people own a smartphone, optimising your online payment pages for mobile transactions is essential. When you fail to optimise your payment pages for mobile use, you may lose out on customers. Here's how to optimise your online payment pages for customers.

Understanding Your Mobile Users

Unlike desktops and laptops, mobiles and tablets have small screen sizes. Every pixel counts, so you need to ensure your online payment page is clear, concise and tidy. Avoid clutter and keep each page free from buttons that are easily tapable.

It's also important to understand that many people use these pages on the go. They have a short attention span and so their patience is limited. Make sure pages load quickly and keep the number of steps needed to complete a transaction minimal.

Streamlined Design and Layout

Ensure your payment page benefits from a responsive design. This means that it will automatically adjust to the screen size and continue to look well-proportioned in the process. As a part of this design, focus on a payment page that is verticle rather than horizontal. Verticle pages work better for mobile devices.

Make sure you display any payment completion buttons, such as "buy now," prominently. That way, users won't accidentally abandon a transaction and forget to complete their purchase.

Simplify the Payment Process

When creating the forms for your online payment page, only ask for essential information. Wherever possible, use autofill features. Some users may have information stored in the autofill function of their browser, so offering an autofill feature allows them to complete the transaction faster. You may also want to add a progress indicator so your customers don't become frustrated with the process.

To ensure your payment page is flexible, offer multiple payment choices. Use a combination of credit cards and online wallets so that you don't shut out any customers who have specific preferences. 

Focus on Security

Many online shoppers know that making payments via the Internet presents risks on certain websites. Display all your verified and security badges prominently so that they know you're a safe provider to make purchases with. 

You may also want to add two-factor authentication to make your payments extra secure. This does mean adding in an additional step, but proves reassuring when customers are spending a lot of money.

The rise in mobile transactions means that adding online payment pages to your website is essential. Focusing on a mobile user's needs, prioritising security and streamlining the process can make you a provider of choice amongst your customer base.

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